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Find your smart home's network Vulnerabilities before the Hackers do. We make it easy for you to verify your home is secure against network attacks.

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Why Simius?

We believe in empowering normal people by giving them access to enterprise grade security technologies.
This helps to prepare them for the new era of device security.

How do we Protect you?

We use professional-grade security tools and methods for testing your smart devices to report vulnerabilities and identify threats – before they happen. These include things like:

holistic monitoring

To protect you from bad actors, we have to think and act like them. This approach allows us to discover any issues your Smart Home has before it is too late.

threat assessments

As the threat landscape evolves, so do we. You can feel safe knowing that you don’t have to keep track of dangers to your Smart Home anymore.

one-click everything

We believe in empowering people with enterprise-grade tools. We also believe those tools should be easy to use. This is why everything we offer only takes one click to set up and use.

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We Save you Time

Now you don’t have to spend time doing the following

Playing Keep-Up

Things are changing rapidly, and security breaches are becoming worse day by day. With attacks like Cryptojacking and Ransomware that can lock people outside their own homes being rampant – we step in and make sure you never have to spend time following these events.

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Worrying about Privacy

With the number of smart devices increasing in every household, ensuring your privacy has become difficult. To help keep your private life private, we keep an eye on everything and make sure no one else can gain access to your home network.

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Dealing with Security Data

Home network security comes with a lot of data. From complex graphs to thousands of logs – data overload. This doesn’t work for the average person, so we stripped away all the excess and give you only what you need to know when you need to know it.

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How Does It Work?

Get Secure in 3 Simple Steps

Simius Smart Device Security in your network


Visit our app from your home network

First, login to the app while you are in your home network. It is very important that you are not in a VPN or on your mobile data as this will prevent us from to connect to your home network.


Setup your IP address

After you have logged into our application, you will see a single button to setup your IP address. Once you have read our terms, click the button to setup your home IP with us.

Simius Smart Device Security setup network
Simius Smart Device Security we take care of the rest


We take care of the rest

That’s it. Really. Once we have your IP address, we start doing all the heavy lifting. The kinds of things we do include high level scanning of your network to find vulnerabilities, all the way to testing that is focused on various types of network hardware.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions potential users have

What is a "Smart Device"?

A smart device is any electronic device that can connect to the internet but does not have a screen attached. This means you cannot readily see or understand what is going on inside the device. Some examples are smart bulbs, smart door locks, etc.

Is my smartphone a smart device?

Although your smartphone is plenty powerful and can connect to the internet, we do not consider it to be a smart device. The reason is, you can use your smartphone screen to see and understand what's going on inside it.

Is my computer or laptop a smart device?

Like your smartphone, it is not. Your computer / laptop has a user interface that allows you to see and understand what is going on inside the computer / laptop at any given time.

What is the difference between smart home security and smart device security?

Smart home security involves using many smart devices to protect your home. Smart device security, on the other hand, involves protecting the smart devices themselves.

Do I have to know about technology to use this service?

No, our service is made for regular people who not only want to benefit from owning a smart home but also want to make sure their devices are secure. This is why it only takes one (or tap) click to set up.

Is this service Anti-Virus software?

It is not. Anti-virus software reacts to threats. This means it waits until you're attacked before it does anything. Our service, however, predicts what kinds of attacks are possible and then helps you fix them before they happen. Prevention is better than a cure.

Want to Know More?

Go to our About Page to learn more about the company and our beliefs, or email us at so we can answer any questions you have.