Find vulnerabilities in your home devices.
No technical knowledge needed.

Simius is a cybersecurity platform that allows you to scan all your internet-connected home devices for threats.

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No need to setup complex tools

Modern cybersecurity tools are extremely difficult to install and setup. In addition, once you have set it up, they overwhelm you with a flood of complex results.

Simius only takes minutes to setup and once your scan is complete, the results are presented in simple and actionable language.

Now you can spend less time dealing with cybersecurity and more time living your life.

All the scans you need in one place

Finding the right scans for your home out of the thousands that are out there can take weeks. You have to study all of them to make sure you scan your home for the proper threats.

Simius automatically selects the scans that give you the most accurate results regarding the security of your devices, saving you weeks of work.

Now you can spend less time studying and more time doing the things you love.

Know how safe your devices are

Not knowing about a vulerability in your devices doesn't make them go away. You leave yourself open to issues that could have been fixed if caught early.

Simius gives you detailed visibility into your devices allowing you to know which devices are safe and which devices are compromising your home's security, so you can fix them.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

Easily set up continuous scans

Keeping up with cyber threats and setting up scans for these threats can take weeks. What's worse, everytime a new threat is discovered, you have to setup a new test to check for it.

Simius keeps up with the latest threats on your behalf and and continously scans your devices for those threats.

Now you can keep up with the things that matter in your life.

It's Easy To Get Started

Install the app

Download and install the Simius app for your device. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Set up your home network

You'll see your IP address on your dashboard. Click the connect button to automatically configure your home network and begin the automatic scans.

Get your scan results and fixes

Once you get your scan results, we'll help you fix the issues you find.


Explore a plan that best fits your needs



$9.99  / month
Enjoy access to limited security scanning benefits.
Monthly automatic scan
One on-demand scan a month
Scan up to 3 devices*


$19.99  / month
Provides you with access to all features.
Bi-weekly automatic scan
Two on-demand scans a month
Scan up to 10 devices
Router Scan


$29.99  / month
Have it all, with Chronos. All you need is here.
Weekly automatic scan
Four on-demand scans a month
Scan up to 20 devices
Router Scan

Start automatically monitoring your devices today.

30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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