These testing modules group tests and scans together, making it easier for you to choose what you need to protect yourself.


If you have never run a vulnerability test or assessment on your home network, this is the module for you. It was built from the ground up to help average people understand how they would fare if they were ever targeted by hackers. This evaluation is done by using the following three scans:

Reconnisance Scan

The first step of a hack is getting information about your target. This scan tests how vulnerable to that first step.

File Server Scan

This scan checks to see if any open file servers are running in your network. It tests to make sure hackers can't access your files.

Remote Computer Control Scan

This scan tests to see if your networked devices can be remotely controlled by a low skill hacker.

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If you want a deeper level of understanding of your home network and router, this is a must-have. This module contains over 100 tests targetting home routers. These tests are divided into four different categories, they are:


This group of tests focuses on looking for any possible backdoors in your router. If a backdoor exists, your password cannot protect you.

Path Traversal

The goal of this group of tests is to see if files stored in your router can be stolen. For example authentication files.

Remote Code Execution

This group contains tests that look for vulnerabilities that can allow a hacker to take control of your router, without you ever finding out.

Password Reveal

This group of tests tries to find any vulnerabilities in your router that could cause your password to be sent to an attacker.

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