How Does Simius Enhance Hardware Security?

The average smart home is not equipped to defend itself properly. IoT manufacturers have little to no incentive in helping their consumers, unless it affects their bottom line. Therefore, testing devices is critical to keep them in check. But using external methods. That is where the hack attacks are coming from. Simius does exactly that. We identify hardware security problems on your network. Devices becomes more vulnerable over time. So we start at the router and seek to test every other device from there.

Smart devices run through many different forms of hardware.
Smart devices run through many different forms of hardware.

Testing the Hardware

Getting your home hacked is easy for cyber criminals. Especially if you do not have proper defenses in place. Vulnerability scanning identifies the points of weakness. From microwaves, connected assistants, and door locks, we are facing a large range of threats as smart home owners.

All of this is run by the underlying hardware. Connected devices provide convenience. Features such as camera feeds, device control, and smart home automation are nice to have. But all of this is susceptible to a hack, since they are connected to the internet.

Scanning down deep to the micro level on hardware.
Scanning down deep to the micro level on hardware.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Hardware manufacturers of IoT devices make improvements when problems are known. The same is true with smart home owners, since knowing when and how to act is difficult. Fixes for vulnerabilities are released frequently. So performing updates is important. But this is done through awareness, first. Simius is designed to deliver visibility to this problem. We guide you through securing your network. Based on what we find, our recommendations are presented in a simple manner.

It is important to focus on hardware testing. To ensure you have good security, we test your devices. Vulnerability scans offer insight but penetration testing confirms cyber security flaws as well.

Stopping the risk is within reach.
Stopping the risk is within reach.

Risk Prevention

If you discover a weakness on your network through Simius, we will inform you. And how to correct it. The process is made simple and easy. The is no better way of knowing, since enterprises and Fortune 500 companies employ the same exact methods to validate the security on their systems. For a tiny fraction of the price, Simius provides high-quality tools to test network and hardware security.

We must determine the risk from the view of a hacker or cyber criminal. This is the only way to test network security issues. By determining if any exist, and knowing how to fix. Waiting until the last minute means you have to run blind into disaster recovery. Without a strategy, this is difficult. Its critical to act now in terms of prevention.

Testing hardware security is the only way to be sure they are safe.
Testing hardware security is the only way to be sure they are safe.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Do not wait for the hackers to strike. Hardware testing is important to avoid risk, before anything happens. Also, each device will only be supported by the manufacturer, until its end-of-life (EOL). From that point on, consumers are expected to upgrade their devices. But while you are using them, Simius tests the security. Detection for outdated firmware or software is made simple through Simius. Updates and patches need to be installed as soon as possible. We provide this information directly to you.

Simius enhances hardware security in this way. With automated smart home security testing, it will set you apart from other easy targets. Hardware is full of vulnerabilities in firmware which can be easily resolved by running our tests against your home network. We present solutions that are made simple.

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In conclusion, we discussed how Simius is nothing alike normal anti-virus software. Instead, our solutions test your network to identify any vulnerabilities as well as active threats. Solutions are provided as well, for corrective action.

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Neil is a Computer Scientist, Roboticist, and the founder of Simius Technologies Inc.

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